When last we heard from the group of “unhinged from time” X-Men known as the Exiles, they had been forced to abandon a teammate in a coma after a battle with Galactus, and taken on the new member, Sasquatch. Now, set down on an Earth where mutants are imprisoned from birth, they meet the other group of unhinged mutants, Weapon X, and are given a task that goes against their nature as heroes. Most of Weapon X accepts the mission as just another chore, as it is their nature to do the dirty work the Exiles are too compassionate to take on, but Mimic, Blink and the rest refuse their orders, and with the help of an unlikely ally, attempt to find an alternate solution.

The party never ends when you’re an Exile. After putting up with endless natural disasters at the hands of land-walking men, the city of Atlantis has decided to wage war against the country of Latveria. The Exiles’ job in this reality looks easy enough… stop Prince Namor, the leader of Atlantis, but as is often the case, looks can be deceiving. An impenetrable forcefield protects the city, and only Mimic can reach the power source to bring it down. At the same time, the rest of the group must work with an intolerable comrade, the arrogant Victor Von Doom, and protect the population of Latveria.

The third and fourth realities are relatively short in comparison to most Exiles’ adventures. In one, the Exiles face off against the mad Dr. Connors, aka The Reptile from Spider-Man, while the other had them fighting a television-crazed being called Mojo, who abducts Morph and tortures Nocturne. A short side story devoted to Nocturne’s bereavement for her lost love is thrown into to remind us that there’s some serious coupling going on here, and even though they’re mutant superheroes fighting through crazy, different realities, they’re also human beings deep down, and need the same things we all need… companionship. Judd Winick continues to find a good ground between serious drama and light-hearted comedy, and he never lets up on the action. The story of the “Mojoverse” is a slightly awkward way to end the book, leaving the reader with no cliffhanger to encourage them to continue on to the fourth, but overall, Exiles, vol. 3: Out of Time continues the tradition of quality we’ve come to expect.

Exiles, vol. 3: Out of Time
Available in: Exiles Ultimate Collection, vol. 1
ISBN: 9780785138877
by Judd Winick
Art by Mike McKone and Jim Calafiore
Marvel Comics, 2009 (collected addition)

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