No Man’s Land has ended, but Gotham isn’t back to her normal self yet. The gangs have moved back into town, and there is an increasingly acrimonious divide between those who stayed in Gotham during No Man’s Land (old gothamites), and those who left Gotham and then returned (deezees). Told by Greg Rucka, which is a pretty solid recommendation for any book, and accompanied by gorgeous two-toned artwork this is an interesting look at what happens next. The end of No Man’s Land is a triumphant reopening of Gotham to the world, but Batman: Evolution shows that by no means does that mean that all of Gotham’s problems have been solved.

Batman: Evolution (New Gotham, vol. 2)
ISBN: 1563897261
By Greg Rucka
Art by Shawn Martinbrough, John Watkiss, William Rosado, Phil Hester
DC Comics 2001

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