When a damaged cyborg from the future arrives in our world and our time she starts trying to find some like her so that she can repair herself. Unfortunately, she first finds and almost kills Cyborg and then, when he can’t provide her with what she needs, she wakes up a deactivated Superman robot. These Superman robots were built by Superman to be used in his absence, they have almost all of his power but none of his humanity and ultimately they were deemed too unstable. Star Labs kept one, and that secret may cost lives. I read this after I read Outsiders, vol. 1: Looking for Trouble¬†and Teen Titans, vol. 1: A Kid’s Game and they both abruptly made much more sense (particularly Outsiders). This is the story that both books reference to, and these are the events that changed the characters, making them wary of being a part of a superhero group. I don’t think it’s as well written as either one of the books that come after it. Given the nature of the story I felt that it lacked emotional impact, although that might also be because I never followed the story before that volume so I have no particular connection to the characters. I would recommend it for a collection, however, if only to make the stories that come after it make sense.

Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day
ISBN: 1401201768
By Judd Winick
Art by Al Garza
DC Comics 2003

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