Reading this volume it occurs to me, not for the first time, that I don’t want Tara’s life. When Minder 3 dies unexpectedly in Caracas everyone in the department is affected, none more so than Tara who was sleeping with him and possibly a little in love with him. There is an immediate assumption that he was murdered, and it is almost harder to accept when his death is revealed to be a result of natural causes. In the midst of this shake up Tara and the new Minder 3 are sent to T’blisi to ‘observe’ and ‘investigate’ the kidnapping of Lasha Karpin, Vice President of a Russian technology firm and son of Valery Karpin (see Queen and Country: Declassified). When things go pear shaped, as things are wont to do, Weldon orders Crocker to call them back, but Crocker manages to play the game better. I didn’t like the artwork in this particular volume. Tara looked a little too rounded to me, but when I expressed that opinion to Robin she disagreed with me and liked the art work a lot, so it’s a matter of opinion. The image I have of Tara is always angular because that, to me, is a reflection of her character. This Tara was still tough as nails even in grief, but she wasn’t particularly visually angular.

Queen and Country, vol. 5: Operation: Storm Front
Available in: Queen and Country, Definitive Edition, vol. 2
ISBN: 9781932664898
By Greg Rucka
Art by Carla Speed McNeil
Oni Press 2008

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