Retaking Gotham City would be so much easier if it was just ordinary street thugs running the gangs. But this is Gotham, and Gotham never does anything the easy way. Penguin is running (and profiting wildly from) a free trade zone, and circumstances suggest that he has access to goods from outside the city although no one is sure how he’s getting through the military blockade. Two-Face is taking more and more territory and setting up his own system of rough justice. The Joker is also running loose, and playing his usual high stakes games. Commissioner Gordon and the GCPD are gaining territory on the south side (Oracle provides helpful maps so you can keep track of who controls what areas of the city), and Batman is extending his coverage in the north. To make matters worse, defying all logic and the National Guard, Bane has broken into Gotham. Why is Bane back? Who is funding him? And, why?

Batman: No Man’s Land, vol. 4
ISBN: 1563896982
By Greg Rucka, Devin K. Grayson, Chuck Dixon, Larry Hama
Art by Dale Eaglesham, Mat Broome, Damion Scott, Mike Deodato, Rick Burchett, Paul Ryan
DC Comics 2000

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