James Jean (also known for his work on Fables) has started doing cover art for Batgirl and I’m in love. His Batgirl is seductively powerful, and despite her background, oddly innocent. In Batgirl, vol. 2: A Knight Alone Batgirl made a deal with Lady Shiva: teach her how to fight like she used to and in a year Batgirl and Shiva will meet in combat to the death. Now Shiva is back to hold Batgirl to her promise. Oracle is worried that Batgirl has a death wish, and Batman doesn’t necessarily think she’s wrong, just that this is something that Batgirl needs to work out on her own. This book had a lot of interesting character growth particularly between Batgirl and the other younger members of the Bat-family like Robin and Spoiler. It was also interesting to witness the relationship between Oracle and Batman. Despite originally having been a sidekick, she is more his equal than anyone else.

Batgirl, vol. 3: Death Wish
ISBN: 1563899817
By Kelley Puckett, Chuck Dixon
Art by Damion Scott
DC Comics, 2003

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