Having decided to make Blüdhaven his home Nightwing starts ingratiating himself with the locals. Soon he has a place to live, a cute landlady to flirt with, and his very own growing list of enemies. Previously Nightwing discovered that Blockbuster has decided to make the crime syndicate in Blüdhaven his starting block for an expanding power base. Now he learns that Detective Soames, who was throwing him clues, is also involved with Blockbuster, and is perhaps not being as helpful as he seems. As if that wasn’t enough to be getting on with Dick is also fighting lingering demons regarding his relationship with Batman.

Nightwing, vol. 2: Rough Justice
ISBN: 1563895234
By Chuck Dixon
Art by Scott McDaniel
DC Comics 1999

  • Petra Beunderman

    Past Reviewer

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