“Whatever happens, you must remember this: no matter how cute she is, no matter how human she seems, don’t fall in love with her. She’ll just make you cry.” When Hideki Motosuwa finds one of the new “Perscoms” (short for “personal computers,” of course) abandoned in a back alley, he’s sure his luck has changed. Whether the change is for the better or the worse remains to be seen, but with his hectic schedule Hideki thinks he needs all the help he can get. Perscoms, all built to look like beautiful young women, will perform any task from household chores to language lessons, advanced mathematics, and accounting. Unfortunately, instead of a working Perscom Hideki finds himself saddled with a mysterious, artificially intelligent housemate who lacks the software needed to perform any of a normal computer’s functions. Inexplicably, she is still able to move and to say her name: “Chi.” Awakened into the world with no knowledge or data of her own, Chi must learn everything from Hideki, whose main concerns are still how to pass his college entrance examinations while holding down a full-time job. A 12-year-old computer genius adds to the mystery by suggesting that Chi may be one of the mythical Chobits, “computers of legend” capable of rational thought and independent reasoning. Now it’s up to Hideki to teach Chi how to live and behave like a human, though he must never forget that in the end she is not flesh and blood but a powerful machine.

Chobits Omnibus Edition, vol. 1
ISBN: 9781595824516
Dark Horse 2010 (originally published in 2001 by TokyoPop)

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