Poor Keitaro Urashima! All he’s ever wanted was to get into prestigious Tokyo University. Well, that and a girlfriend. In fact, the two goals seem to be connected: Keitaro once promised his childhood crush that they’d go to Tokyo U. together. Unfortunately, he’s failed the entrance exams twice. Kicked out of the house, the hapless Keitaro makes his way to the hotel his grandmother owns: Hinata House. Little does he know that disaster awaits him there; Hinata House is no longer a hotel–it’s now a residence for female students. When the lovely but near-sighted Naru gets into a pool with Keitaro wearing nothing but a smile, the trouble begins. Only his status as the owner’s grandson saves Keitaro from being tossed out of the house as a pervert. Instead, he becomes the landlord while his grandmother is away. His tenants promptly start plotting to make his life a living hell. To make matters worse, Keitaro finds that Naru is as smart as she is cute; can he ever get her to forgive him? Or at least help him with math?

Love Hina is very popular, and it has obvious appeal for fans of raucous teen comedy. It also has the makings of a sweet romance. The problem? This reviewer found it a bit racy for a teen collection. Although it started out with a teen (13+) rating, Tokyopop has since upped it to older teen (16+). Nothing is depicted explicitly, but Keitaro does have an unfortunate tendency to end up accidentally groping people’s breasts.

Love Hina
ISBN: 1931514941
by Ken Akamatsu
Tokyopop, 2002

  • Jennifer Webb

    Past Reviewer

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