It’s a great time to be a girl comics fan. Between shojo manga (Japanese comics written for girls) and the current generation of kick-ass heroines, girls have more comics choices than ever before. That said, GoGirl! is still unique. Trina Robbins and Anne Timmons have given us the girl superhero that never was. Written and drawn in the style of the classic American comics, GoGirl! is a nostalgic yet timeless story. Lindsay Goldman’s mom used to be Go-Go Girl, a superheroine of the 1970’s, and Lindsay has inherited her abilites. Lindsay and her best friend Haseena like to look at mom’s old scrapbooks, but Lindsay never considers trying out Go-Go girl’s old costume until a crazed villainess kidnaps Haseena. After she rushes headlong into danger and survives, Lindsay’s mom realizes she’ll have train her daughter to take up Go-Go Girl’s mantle. Lindsay puts her own spin on the family tradition, shortening the name to GoGirl!

GoGirl! is a fun mix of retro and modern, with some of the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie’s campy charm. It’s fun to see mother and daughter superheroines fighting side by side.

GoGirl!, vol. 1
ISBN: 1569717982
By Trina Robbins
Art by Anne Timmons
Dark Horse Comics, 2002

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