Did you want to run away to Professor Xavier’s school when you saw X-Men? Yeah, I did too. Reading Sidekicks might help to tide you over ’til you develop your own superpowers. Terry Highland’s dad was once a superhero sidekick, and Terry has powers of her own. So how do kids with super-powers learn to use them? By enrolling in Shuster Academy, a state-of-the-art high school that trains future heroes. Life at Shuster isn’t all costumes and kicking butt, though; use your powers between classes and you’ll have to deal with the strict Ms. Sternin. As Terry adjusts to her new environment, she has to deal with exams, demerits, and cliques like any other high school student. Her greatest challenge, however, will be overcoming her own fears; although Terry’s power is super-strength, she can’t face returning to the virtual reality fight-training room where an accident threatened her life. J. Torres, who also writes Alison Dare, knows exactly what high school is like, and Takeshi Miyazawa draws teens who really look like teens! The only problem with Sidekicks is that it left me wanting to know what happens next, so here’s hoping there’s another installment soon.

Sidekicks, vol. 1: The Transfer Student
ISBN: 9781929998760
by J. Torres
Art by Takeshi Miyazawa
Oni Press 2002

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