Dirk Hopeless and Nikki Savage were the king and queen of punk rock. They lived fast, broke all the rules, and incited youthful rebellion. Then they cleaned up, got married, and had kids. Now, the Hopeless-Savages are a loving family of five– well, six if you count Rat Hopeless-Savage, the eldest, who rebelled in the only way he could: by changing his name and becoming a yuppie executive. His desertion still upsets teenage Skank Zero Hopeless-Savage, the baby of the family and a would-be rock star herself. Zero is our narrator in Hopeless Savages, a story of crooked record producers, skinheads, fistfights, and other facts of family life. When enemies from the past kidnap Dirk and Nikki, the remaining Hopeless-Savage family must re-unite with their older brother to save the day. Can Zero, Twitch, and Arsenal deprogram Rat? Can they save their parents and make it back to Zero’s first gig without committing vehicular homicide? And can the world survive a new release of “I’m Your Cuddlebug,” a horrible pop tune written by a young and desperate Dirk? Hopeless Savages is great entertainment: funny, hip, and wonderfully drawn with contributions from Chynna Clugston-Major of Blue Monday. I especially love the sixteen pages of short, full-color stories at the back that offer a glimpse into the past of the Hopeless-Savage family. Note to young punks: you’ll look cool carrying this book around, and no one need know that it’s secretly– gasp!– heartwarming.

Hopeless Savages
ISBN: 1929998244
by Jen Van Meter
Art by Christine Norrie and Chynna Clugston-Major
Oni Press 2002

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