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One-Punch Man, vols. 3-4


After several notable victories against an evil organization, in addition to his regular defense of City Z against monstrous threats, Saitama is positive that he will finally start to receive the recognition he deserves. Instead, he has only earned a warning…

One-Punch Man, vols. 1-2

One-Punch Man

Saitama was having a rough life: lingering unemployment, lack of direction, and an omnipresent malaise that threatened to overwhelm him, all adding up to one very unsatisfied individual. Desperately searching for a purpose, Saitama made the fateful decision to become a…

Eyeshield 21, vols. 1-37

Eyeshield 21 vol 1

When wimpy shrimp Sena Kobayakawa’s lightning-speed legs get him drafted for his bottom-rung high school’s barely existent football team, he has no idea what he’s getting himself into. Or how it will change his life forever. Always on the hunt…