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Yo-Kai Watch, vols. 1-2

Yo-Kai Watch, volume 1

Nate Adams is a normal elementary school student until he releases a yo-kai named Whisper. Whisper gives him a device called a “yo-kai watch” which allows Nate to see yo-kai and, to Nate’s surprise, Whisper insists on becoming his butler.…

One-Punch Man, vols. 1-2

One-Punch Man

Saitama was having a rough life: lingering unemployment, lack of direction, and an omnipresent malaise that threatened to overwhelm him, all adding up to one very unsatisfied individual. Desperately searching for a purpose, Saitama made the fateful decision to become a…

Ultraman, vol. 1

Ultraman Volume 1

   I revisited various incarnations of the storied Ultraman property before reading the all new manga, mostly to remind myself about the character and the main touchstones, but also as an excuse to take a trip down the good old…