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Extraordinary X-Men, vol. 1: X-Haven


Apart from mutants, there exists a divergent strain of super-powered humanity created by alien manipulation—the Inhumans. Rather than developing superpowers at puberty as mutants do, an Inhuman’s powers are activated through exposure to the mysterious gas known as The Terrigen…

Spider-Gwen, vol. 0: Most Wanted?


Spider-Gwen: Most Wanted? answers the Marvel “What If?” question you never even knew you had: What would the Marvel Universe look like if Gwen Stacy had become Spider-Woman and Peter Parker had died? Most Wanted? follows Gwen’s struggle to be Spider-Woman and resolve…

Star Wars, vol. 1: Skywalker Strikes


You’ve heard of Star Wars, right? The world famous samurai-influenced space opera that’s part “hero’s journey” and part “tale of redemption”, featuring aliens, aerial dogfights, and mystical powers? The multi-trillion dollar franchise that sells movies, toys, bed sheets and cheese graters?…