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Beep and Bah


Beep and Bah are the best of friends. When Bah, a blue sheep, finds a mysterious tube sock, he turns to his orange, robotic friend Beep for help. Where is the sock’s match? Who is the sock’s owner? Beep and…

Bird & Squirrel: On the run

bird and squirrel

James Burks’ wild and wacky sense of humor gets full play in this heartwarming story of friendship, fear, and nasty cats. The story begins on a beautiful day, when the flight-loving, ever optimistic Bird meets neurotic Squirrel. Right away, we…

Gabby & Gator


Gabby is an outcast due to her passions for recycling, gardening, playing the tuba, and being a vegetarian. She is alone until a mishap with a bully introduces her to Gator, the ubiquitous alligator-in-the-sewer from contemporary legend. Gator is also…