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High School DxD, vols. 4-5


In my previous review of the High School DxD manga, I learned to enjoy the story of pervert Issei Hyoudou and his so-called life as a demon. In earlier volumes, there was plenty of hilarity to go around, which provided a good counterbalance to…

High School DxD, vols. 1-3


High School DxD was a light novel written by Ichiei Ishibumi that was turned into anime and manga—and little has changed between the cartoon and comic versions. Unabashed pervert Issei Hyodo transfers to Kuoh Academy, formerly an all-girls school, with only the…

High School DxD


High School DxD is the hypersexualized offspring of Porky’s, Leisure Suit Larry, and American Pie. The racy comedy stars Issei, a hormonally charged young adult who wants to take advantage of the high girl-to-guy ratio at his school. The problem…