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TCAF Top Ten 2013


What is this TCAF of which we speak?  Well, it is perhaps my favorite comics event I am lucky enough to attend every year, the Toronto Comic Arts Festival.  This year was the tenth anniversary of the festival, and so…

ALA 2012 Update: Fandom Panel line-up!


I was privileged to moderate an excellent panel this last Sunday at ALA Annual 2012 called (Re)telling Stories: Fanart, authorship, and how stories are shared, reconstructed, and retold on fandom, fan cultures, reading, and authorship. Attendees asked me to post the…

TCAF 2012 Handouts


For those lucky folks who attended TCAF this past weekend and attended the two panels I participated in but unfortunately left without our useful handouts, here they are, conveniently downloadable in PDF. From the Friday TCAF Librarian and Educator Day panel…