From Librarians & Educators

Check out the American Library Association and Young Adult Library Services Association’s resources on graphic novels and comics.

American Library Association

Office of Intellectual Freedom

Young Adult Library Services Association

Remember that graphic novels are frequently featured on selection and awards lists from both YALSA and ALSC.

Librarian run or librarian-adjacent websites, blogs, and columns

Comics conventions where you are likely to find librarians presenting:
Librarians, of course, are frequently presenting on graphic novels and comics at our own state and national conections, as are educators and anyone who works with literacy.  Be sure to keep your eyes peeled.
If anyone has suggestions of more resources to add to this list, shoot Robin an email at robin at noflyingnotights dot com.

From the Publishing & Comics Industry

Statistics and Market News

Review sites

Commentary and feature articles
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    • Robin

      Hello! If you send an email inquiry to, that should certainly work. How do you mean it wouldn’t go? It bounced back? I’ll check in with her, but I’m betting it just got delayed or lost in the ether, so if you send it again to the above email address, it should get through.

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    Ahhhh! Help! The new site is so confusing. What happened to the categories? I used to read the comic reviews for kids by genre and now cannot figure out the navigation. How do I get to reviews?

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      Hello Jackie!

      This site is only very temporary — unfortunately, due to the weeks-long attacks on the site (which I posted about here) we had to hastily update the theme, and right now there are a few pieces that are not working — mainly the categories. We are working today to get those category listings back up and working, but never fear, the site will go back to looking essentially just like it did.

      I’m sorry for the confusion — believe me, I wish this attack hadn’t happened too!

      Check out this post for direct links to all of the categories.