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Welcome all!

As I said on the main page, this site is here to help everyone distinguish between teen and adult titles. In libraries, and to parents, this may have more meaning. Hopefully, this site will help you all figure out which titles are ok for you specific readers.

Of course, everyone has a different level for all kinds of content -- some people faint at the mere mention of blood while others get more disturbed by psychological creepiness. As always, you, my dear readers, are the best judge of what you will want to read, or whoever you might be using this site to choose for will want to read. Please feel free to email me to ask about particular titles, and I will do my best to help you figure out what's ok for your teenagers or what's really more for adults. Of course, none of this is meant to prevent teens from reading what they want or can handle, but the current market of graphic novels can be a bit tricky when Batman can be either a stoic Saturday morning cartoon hero or a not-so-closeted masochist raising an army depending on the book you pick up. I'm a great fan of variety and reinvention, and embrace both versions, but it can be a bit of a maze for a reader new to the format.

Please do visit my other sites for more age-range specific reviews:
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