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Welcome to the edge.

In this case, the edge between teen and adult. This page, as a companion site to its inspiration no flying no tights, is here to help distinguish between those graphic novels and comics that walk the line between teen appeal and more adult content. So, here you will find an array of titles, all of which will certainly appeal to teen readers but are in fact aimed more at an adult audience. Thus, a bit more explicitness, a bit more language, and so on.

Those of you who've been through no flying, no tights may notice that there are some repeat titles here in the lair. No, I haven't been holding out on the naughty bits -- like all good literature for teens, these graphic novels are great for both teens and adults, so they're included in both places.

Teachers, librarians, and parents, please see my note concerning how best to use these reviews for your purposes.

After having said all that, dive on in! There be fantastic titles here.


updated October 2005

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