Comics 101

If you’re new to comics and graphic novels, start here!

First, do check out the basics:

Here are a few articles and guides to get you started, especially in the library world.  Some of these are written by me (Robin) and some are from my excellent colleagues in the library and comics world.

Recommended readings:

On Japanese Manga:

  • Andrea Miller


    I need to read the 2 Graphic Novels 101 that were published in Horn Book and are listed here, but I’m getting a 404 message on that site. Also, I am looking for Reading Lessons by Hollis Margaret Rudiger also in the same edition of Horn Book but seemingly impossible to find.

    Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide.

  • Robin

    Hello Andrea!

    I just checked the links, and it turns out they’ve changed the location of the PDFs. However, I just updated the links, and they should now work. Let me know if you have any more trouble getting to those articles.

  • GraceAnne

    Thanks for this, Robin. Andrea is my Independent Study student, and I am glad to see these accessible. Are you going to post the last page Cadenza article in that Horn Book issue, also?