Teen Titans Go! vols. 1-5


The Teen Titans can’t catch a break! In The Beast Boy Who Cried Wolf, alien bounty hunters come looking for Earth specimens for a client’s intergalactic zoo. Beast Boy tries to alert the Teen Titans, but he’s played one too…

Molly Danger


Molly Danger looks like she’s ten but fights like she’s an M1 Abrams tank. With a Superman-esque origin story, her alien beginnings keep her appearance like a pre-adolescent human. Yet her super-strength and invulnerability make her the ideal weapon against…

SMASH: Trial by Fire


Andrew Ryan is your typical fifth grader. Like all the other kids in town, he hero-worships the Defender, greatest hero the world has ever known. He daydreams about being a hero himself: Sparrowhawk! But real life isn’t so heroic. He’s…