(Mostly) Wordless


In his principally wordless slender collected work, Jed Alexander’s artwork dances and flows across the pages, celebrating the whimsy and imagination of young children. The first of the eight vignettes and stories, “Ella and The Pirates,” takes the reader on…

The Dumbest Idea Ever!


Jimmy Gownley’s reflective look at his youth and his enthrallment with the comic book world, while personal and introspective, is honest and appealing. It offers the reader a chance to get to know several of its characters and to join…

SMASH: Trial by Fire


Andrew Ryan is your typical fifth grader. Like all the other kids in town, he hero-worships the Defender, greatest hero the world has ever known. He daydreams about being a hero himself: Sparrowhawk! But real life isn’t so heroic. He’s…