Chickenhare, a bunny with the legs of a chicken, has been captured with his friend Abe, a bearded box turtle, by Barley. Barley wants to sell them to Klaus, a crazy, evil taxidermist. Klaus plans to kill and stuff Chickenhare…

City of Light, City of Dark

City of Light, City of Dark written by Avi, Illustrations by Brian Floca

When humans wanted to settle the Island to build a grand City, they had to negotiate with the Kurbs—creatures of darkness who possess the Island. Each year, the humans must perform a ritual to acknowledge and pay respect to the…

Tippy and the Night Parade

Tippy and the Night Parade

In the last several years, librarians and readers have come to expect high quality from Toon Books, and Tippy and the Night Parade does not disappoint. With this latest addition to their youngest level of comics, Tippy follows accepted beginning…