Cici: A Fairy’s Tale: Truth in Sight, vol. 2

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Cici returns in another magical adventure, along with some new family and school issues to face. In her first adventure: she discovered her magical heritage, faced her parents’ separation, and dealt with the growing distance between herself and her former best friend. Now, she’s accepted her wings, the magic that goes along with them, and her Abuela says she’ll be able to help the people in her life. But it doesn’t feel that way to Cici.

She and her little sister are having a hard time adjusting to visitation with their father, and money is tight at home with their mom. Then her Abuela’s dog/dragon, Egon, toasts her doll! Cici’s Abuela says she can change how she sees people around her, but Cici doesn’t see the point in having magic when she can’t actually do anything with it…or can she? To make things worse, Cici’s mom is having a guy over—and his daughter is princess bee Kendra, one of the most popular girls at school! Then Cici discovers she really can make changes with her magic… but are they good or bad? After a heart-to-heart with her Abuela, and learning a little more about how her magic works, Cici sets out to make some good magic for her family and friends.

Doerrfeld and Page continue their sweet series with this latest book that gently teaches a lesson while appealing to readers with a swirl of magic and a touch of humor. Page’s illustrations show a colorful world through Cici’s fairy sight; her friends cackle and flock like chickens, and her mom switches hues from warm and comforting to mean and gruesome as Cici lets her emotions get the best of her. Cici’s father is a grouchy bear who is as upset as Cici and her sister with their difficult adjustment to the divorce. One of the nice touches in the illustrations is the similarity between Cici’s mother and her new friend, Mr. Richards; both have octo-arms. The strong emphasis on pink continues throughout the art, fitting perfectly with Cici’s younger attitude and reluctance to grow up just quite yet.

While not as in-depth or as serious in facing tween issues as Raina Telgemeier or Jennifer and Matthew Holm’s works, Cici’s second title marks this series as a great intermediate series for readers ready to move on from lighter graphic fare like Papercutz’ Tinkerbell and Scholastic Branches, but not quite ready for the more complicated emotions and issues of upper middle grade fare. Cici’s Latina heritage is a welcome touch of diversity as well, making this appeal to a wide range of readers. Lerner’s Graphic Universe offers their titles in both library-bound editions and paperback and the more expensive library-bound editions are definitely worth the investment for this series which is sure to fly off the shelves.

Cici: A Fairy’s Tale: Truth in Sight, vol. 2
by Cori Doerrfeld
Art by Page Tyler
ISBN: 9781467761536
Graphic Universe, 2016
Publisher Age Rating: 8-12

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