What’s Making Us Happy This Week

Friday, March 1, 2013  By  Robin     No comments


V1_P02_cwMy happy is this: My So Called Secret Identity.

A new superheroine who is decidedly (and purposefully) not ridiculously sexualized, a super-smart PhD with no superpowers but her brain, and who is very much in the vein of Batgirl.  So far, so awesome.






We just got in Faith Erin Hicks’ The Adventures of Superhero Girl, which I am loving.  It is clever and so funny.  Turns out it isn’t so easy to be a superhero after all.




This makes me happy.




I’ve found this to be really amusing: Fifty Shapes of Gyarados.




I’m really enjoying Fear Agent. Is that like,…a spoiler for my future review? It’s the omnibus, so give me a week, but I’m thinking I’m going to heartily recommend all of the exploding alien guts to everyone.




I am happy to have scored an autographed copy of Co-Mix: Art Spiegelman. A Retrospective of Comics, Graphics and Scraps when I went to the Vancouver Art Gallery exhibit of the same name. I am also ready and willing to delve into the newest issue of The Comics Journal with `the final interview with Maurice Sendak`as the feature and focus of this issue. It also contains a `Toon Treasury Think Tank` that looks promising.




I’m very happy that the Dresden Codak kickstarter has been going gangbusters. I’m less happy that it will probably result in me spending $45 for one of his shiny shiny books.






ECCCI’ll be heading to Seattle for Emerald City Comic Con this weekend!  Excited to see the likes of Brian Wood, Matt Fraction, Matt Kindt, Fiona Staples, Gail Simone, and many more on the guest list.  I haven’t been to this show before (well, not since, like, 1994?) but I’ve heard it’s got a really great vibe, and after the catastrophe that was WonderCon last year (come back to San Francisco!), this may become my new Spring-Con-of-Choice.  Should be a blast!


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