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Friday, February 15, 2013  By  Robin     No comments


Hawkeye.  I’ve now caught up to issue #7, and I am RIDICULOUSLY happy with this series.  The first series I’ve bought issue by issue in perhaps…8 years?  I want it to go on forever.  It’s making me wish Matt Fraction and David Aja could do all the comics.

Just look at these covers.

Hawkeye1     Hawkeye2     Hawkeye3

And for the two-parter:

Hawkeye4     Hawkeye5


LovelyComplexThe news that the Lovely Complex anime is finally getting an English release and that Aya Nakahara’s wonderfully sweet and silly manga is getting a well-deserved reprint makes me a happy good-shojo-loving girl.

To add to my smiles this week, I heard yet another little snippet of Yoko Kanno’s music on NPR.  Last time, it was Cowboy Bebop‘s ever-beloved “Tank!” rousting me out of bed.  This time, it was a few bars of “to tell the truth” from Ghost in the Shell – Stand Alone Complex – OST 2 accompanying a thoughtful story promo.  *squee*




Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. It is phenomenal. A Miyazaki designed world that you get to PLAY in? And a large part of the game is secretly (but not secretly at all) Pokemon. As a comic and anime and RPG fan, this is the greatest of all possible worlds. If you need anything from me, stop. I will be too busy saving the world from Shadar.


I am happy to be going to Vancouver’s Art Gallery this coming week to see the Art Spiegelman exhibit.  Did I say that before? Ah well, I am excited!


I’m happy that my library’s graphic novel discussion group had a really great time talking about Osamu Tezuka’s Buddha this week. Several people really loved it, a couple didn’t like it at all, and everyone showed up engaged and eager to talk about it!


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