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Friday, November 16, 2012  By  Robin     No comments


Has anyone else been reading the AV Club’s Back Issues feature about Sandman? They’re round-tabling their way through the series, trade by trade. They’re up to the fourth volume (though you may want to start with the first). They’ve been very interesting. Having two people on each volume allows some conversation and variety of insight, often taking the form of the established fan who gives insider info and the newcomer who gives a fresh perspective.


This video of manga-ka Hiroaki Samura drawing the lead from his Blade of the Immortal series originally made me happy when I first saw it two weeks ago; but since it still makes me wish I owned the whole series and could hover over his shoulder (in a non-stalkerly way, I swear) to watch him work, I say it counts for this week, too.


I’m happy that my boss is also a nerd and that she offered to loan me her copies of the Preacher series to read over the long weekend. I’ve always wanted to read it, but have been too lazy to ILL it. Now I’ll get to enjoy it at my leisure!


I’m happy because I saw Wreck-It Ralph last weekend and it was awesome.  Excellent video game references and a really sweet story.  Not sure if it is totally comics-related, but it was well done and very clever!


I am happy this week because my online students are discussing the first volume of FABLES and the majority of them love it. Always nervous to put a favourite title on the reading list in case no one else likes it. Many of the students wrote that they will be seeking out the rest of the series too.

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