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Friday, October 26, 2012  By  Robin     1 Comment


I have all the happys this week because VIZ’s SuBLime line announced that they got the rights to Embracing Love by Youka Nitta. I am a big fan of the cheesy yaoi love story about two male adult film stars who decide to move over to mainstream work at the same time that they fall in love with each other. I even bought the Japanese versions when BeBeautiful went under and stopped printing the translations. My boss was greatly amused by the happy-dance in the staff workroom.



This weekend my mom sent me a snarky email about Chris Ware’s Building Stories making the cover of the New York Times Book Review. “I remember when they wouldn’t put just anyone on the cover,” she wrote (mostly) facetiously. The happy-making part is that the next time I saw her she admitted to having written the email before reading the review. To her surprise and mine, the review piqued her interest and she’s going to give the book a try! Slowly but surely, she’s being lured into the fold . . .

Jennifer H.

Okay, I have a major happy…It looks like my family and I will be moving to Maryland. I have been offered a new job as a library training coordinator. 🙂


My happy this week is bittersweet. Kieron Gillen finished up his run on the Marvel Comics title “Journey Into Mystery”. Every story he’s written for it has been fantastic, and while he wrapped it up perfectly, I’m sad to see it end. But not too sad, because his breakout character of Kid Loki will reappear in January in Young Avengers which he will also write.


Mine? Stan Lee: Librarian.

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  1.   November 4, 2012, 8:30 pm

    Hi Jennifer,
    Congratulations! Your new job sounds very exciting and adventurous!

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