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I’m happy that the Homestuck Kickstarter was such a success! (Almost $2.5m raised in a 1 month period, it’s actually the 6th most funded campaign in Kickstarter’s history.)

Also very excited for New York Comic Con. I’ve plotted out which panels I’m going to visit and the stuff I’m going to be hunting down in the exhibitors area. Most looking forward to seeing Matthew Inman from The Oatmeal, his new book is going to be ‘officially’ premiering at the con!  (Hoping to get that book and his old one and have a good laugh with my mom and dad.)



My super double happy this week is finding out that Moyoco Anno is going to be a special guest at this year’s NYCC. Holy crap, but I love her books.

Of course, this means my super triple unhappy for the week is the fact that I can’t attend this year’s NYCC, but for those of you going to the show, don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet one of the best mangaka out there. Hataraki Man? Sakuran? Happy Mania? Even Sugar Sugar Rune is fantastic. Sigh. I never thought I’d say I was sorry to miss a convention, but this is the year.




My super happy this week was the result of one of my ATEP (Aboriginal Teachers Education Program) from the University of Alberta initiative in bringing in a live video interview with Bill Slavin, author and illustrator of one of their reading texts, Big City Otto. Bill was marvelous, demonstrating all aspects of creating a graphic novel from his first idea, through the creation process and the finished product. All of these students live in the far north of our province and rarely, if ever, get to meet an author. He was so engaging that the students who deemed reading comics as a waste of time are now re-thinking their stance. Way to go Bill!


Me and Grant Morrison.  ‘Nuff said.


I am deliriously happy because I just found out that one of the new books Marvel Now! is launching is a “Young Avengers” title. The original series is one of my favorite comics, but only lasted 12 issues. Not only should this last longer (please please please) but it will also have Loki (who is currently a child) as part of the team. It’s more than I could have ever dared hope for.



I know that a few others have already received it, but I just got my hot little hands on Saga by Brian K. Vaughan.  I’m having to restrain myself at work and keep from reading it… but man, it’s hard!


Matt Morrison

My two happy things are both Green Arrow related.  First, I finally got the arm guard I need for my new Green Arrow costume in the mail, just in time for a convention next week.  Next, because the new Arrow TV series finally premiered and it is every bit as excellent as I’d hoped.


Actually the grumpiness of Scott Kurtz of PVP regarding the new-announced Peanuts movie is making me happy.  While I wish the creators no ill will, it seems that Charles Schulz was pretty specifically against others continuing Peanuts after his death.  Kurtz’s blog post sums up my feelings about it exactly.

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