What’s Making Us Happy This Week

Friday, September 21, 2012  By  Robin     No comments


First off is this article on How NOT to Write Comics Criticism, which is very funny and which reminded me of all of the things that annoy me about some comics criticism.

And that led me to this comic by Alison Bechdel, about the reading she should be doing versus the reading she is actually doing. As a very “this is a classic and therefore you should read it” resistant reader (there’s a reason I was a dance major and not an English major), I very much identified with her sentiments.


This is comics-related in that it involves writers of comics: I’m made very happy by photos of the kaiju birthday party Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick put together for their son. (via io9)

Jennifer H.

I will go with this: the tragic romance of Waldo and Carmen.



I happened to get an advanced copy of Barbara by Osamu Tezuka (this was the title that was fully funded on Kickstarter). The more I read his stuff, the deeper appreciation I have for him and his work.

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