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Friday, September 14, 2012  By  Robin     No comments


I just saw this on a YALSA listserv and I am so excited!  Hope Larson is doing A Wrinkle in Time!  Perhaps the awesomeness of this will make up for all the subpar movie versions.


I just got to read A Wrinkle in Time in preview, and it rocked!  ROCKED.  I am so pleased.  After many years of what I consider lackluster adaptations, this one really works beautifully.

My two happys this week is the fact that Noelle Stevenson has been hilariously combining the Avengers with The Emperor’s New Groove (a severely underrated film of awesome):


And finally, I’ve been dipping my toe back in to superhero comics after hearing some great comments about Fraction’s Hawkeye.  So I’m giving it a whirl.


I watched Summer Wars on someone’s recommendation – I don’t remember who it was, sorry.  It was AMAZING.  Go watch it now.  It was like War Games and Ready Player One and everything nice.

And I second Bonnie.  Hope Larson is the best.


Just got my copy from First Second of A Wrinkle in Time today — no time (how is that for a bad pun) to look at it yet but the first thing I thought of was that I could post my excitement here!


My happy this week is the upcoming Batman and Robin #0. I wasn’t looking forward to this until I realized it had tiny Damien Wayne dressing up in his fathers costume. (via Comic Book Resources)


My Happy this week is a website that I read about on ComicsAlliance, Mini Adventure Time Batman.  It combines my 2 loves – Batman & Adventure Time – Yay!!  Plus, I love to picture tiny Batman yelling “Swear to Me!” in a Christian Bale voice!  🙂

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