What’s Making Us Happy This Week

Monday, August 27, 2012  By  Robin     No comments

Robin: I made a full range of the Avengers (and then added in Loki, Fury, and Coulson) of repurposed book hedgehogs.  I WIN for nerdiest librarian this week, if there is such an honor!  I created them for part of a lock-in event for my teens (they will have to find all the Avengers hidden in various places in the Teen Room as part of a scavenger hunt.)  Then I’m seriously thinking of just displaying them somewhere in the library because I’m so pleased with how they turned out!

I made Captain America first on a whim as I was getting a handle on making book hedgehogs, and that wee bit of inspiration then prompted me want to make all the Avengers.  And so I did, because I am that geeky, crafty librarian.

Snow: My sorta comics related happy for this week is kind of a mixed happy/annoyed. I wasn’t planning on watching CW’s Arrow (no matter how easy they’re going to make it by sticking it right in front of Supernatural), because, frankly, I just don’t need another show to watch. But, then they went and cast John Barrowman, so now I have to watch. Which is good because I do love his particular brand of shiny white teeth cheese.

Sheli: Since I’m relatively new in this position, I dragged my heels a lot when it came to booking authors. I knew that was something I wanted to focus on this fall. When I sat down to ask our local connection who might be possible, I didn’t expect her to say Raina Telgemeier was going to be in town, and was I interested?

I screamed a little (lot) bit.

Jack: Raina’s traveling with Dough TenNapel and James Burks (of the *delightful* kids comic Bird and Squirrel).  I know that because they are going to be ALL OVER the Bay Area the week after next.  We’re going to do a full-day thing with them at Willard Middle School, and Raina and Doug are going to come to our lunchtime comic book club meeting!  Very excited about that.


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