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Friday, July 13, 2012  By  Robin     No comments

Jennifer H

This is awesome! I love the Steampunk/Victorian Spiderman image (from Denis Medri)…this should be a special edition comic! I’d buy it. 😉

Also, a little boy told me today that the Flash is really the boy from the Incredibles all grown up.


This week a co-worker came up to me with a crazed look in her eye and said “Yesterday I was shelving some comics and started flipping through the first volume of The Unwritten. Before I knew it I’d read all five volumes the library owns. When will there be more?” It’s always great to watch someone enjoy something I liked a lot. It’s even more fun when their excitement borders on the maniacal.


I’m gonna be at Comic-Con, which is weird to think about.  But that’s why I’m happy right now!  I’ll be able to buy the new Parker book and am doing a panel with Eva and Scott Robins and some other cool people and will be seeing Jason Shiga do a bunch of stuff and going to an Adventure Time panel and and and… and I don’t even know what else!  But I will probably come home broke.  Can’t wait!

One neat thing is with the new Scheduler app, you can see how many app users are planning on going to each panel.  For example, it tells me that *101* people are planning on coming to my “Bringing Comics to Life in the Library” panel!  Granted, it’s not a perfect metric, but it gives you a general idea of how popular any given thing is.  For comparison’s sake, the “Luann-alysis: A Stripper Revealed” panel has 64 people going to it.  Which clearly means that libraries are better than strippers!


My happy for this week is Jack saying, “Which clearly means that libraries are better than strippers!”

Also I got to give copies of my Parent Guide to the Best Kids’ Comics to friends I get together with every few months. My friend Maggie was very excited and said she had just been planning to call me and ask what comics were available for her boys (ages 2 and 3), so it was perfect timing!


My happy is looking around and realizing I’m having a conversation with Deb Aoki, Brigid Alverson, Emil Petrinic, Raina Telgemeier, Tony Cliff, Johanne Matte, and David Saylor and knowing that *this* is the reason I keep coming back to ComicCon.


Okay, it’s not  Comic-con toy, but I still was happy to see the new Mr. Potato Head as Batman.  Move over Darth Tater!  And considering that it’s called “DC Spuds” it sounds like it might be the beginning of a whole new line.  Okay, I admit – I’m trying to picture Wonder Woman as a Potato Head and just plain can’t (probably a good thing).  But still…

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