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Jennifer H

This is awesome! I love the Steampunk/Victorian Spiderman image (from Denis Medri)…this should be a special edition comic! I’d buy it. ūüėČ

Also, a little boy told me today that the Flash is really the boy from the Incredibles all grown up.


This week a co-worker came up to me with a crazed look in her eye and said “Yesterday I was shelving some comics and started flipping through the first volume of The Unwritten. Before I knew it I’d read all five volumes the library owns. When will there be more?” It’s always great to watch someone enjoy something I liked a lot. It’s even more fun when their excitement borders on the maniacal.


I’m gonna be at Comic-Con, which is weird to think about.¬† But that’s why I’m happy right now!¬† I’ll be able to buy the new Parker book and am doing a panel with Eva and Scott Robins and some other cool people and will be seeing Jason Shiga do a bunch of stuff and going to an Adventure Time panel and and and… and I don’t even know what else!¬† But I will probably come home broke.¬† Can’t wait!

One neat thing is with the new Scheduler app, you can see how many app users are planning on going to each panel.¬† For example, it tells me that *101* people are planning on coming to my “Bringing Comics to Life in the Library” panel!¬† Granted, it’s not a perfect metric, but it gives you a general idea of how popular any given thing is.¬† For comparison’s sake, the¬†“Luann-alysis: A Stripper Revealed” panel has 64 people going to it.¬† Which clearly means that libraries are better than strippers!


My happy for this week is Jack saying, “Which clearly means that libraries are better than strippers!”

Also I got to give copies of my Parent Guide to the Best Kids’ Comics to friends I get together with every few months. My friend Maggie¬†was very excited and said she had just been planning to call me and ask what comics were available for her boys (ages 2 and 3), so it was perfect timing!


My happy is looking around and realizing I’m having a conversation with Deb Aoki, Brigid Alverson, Emil Petrinic, Raina Telgemeier, Tony Cliff, Johanne Matte, and David Saylor and knowing that *this* is the reason I keep coming back to ComicCon.


Okay, it’s not ¬†Comic-con toy, but I still was happy to see the new¬†Mr. Potato Head¬†as Batman. ¬†Move over Darth Tater! ¬†And considering that it’s called “DC Spuds” it sounds like it might be the beginning of a whole new line. ¬†Okay, I admit – I’m trying to picture Wonder Woman as a Potato Head and just plain can’t (probably a good thing). ¬†But still…

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