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I just confirmed that the lovely and talented Noelle Stevenson (aka gingerhaze of all the adorable Avengers fanart) will be able to join my panel on fandom, comics, fanart and libraries at ALA next weekend.  Yay!  Now if I can just somehow wrangle a moment to get a print from her…

Also, I have finished the YALSA Best of the Best 2012 Challenge.  YES.


Happy that my presentation on Sasquatch in comic books went well last week in Gottingen, Germany at the International Society for Contemporary Legend Research annual conference. Interest more on the folkoric background but since they were all legend scholars that is a given but perhaps introduced them to new authors and illustrators and another way to present stories.

Kate Beaton's take on Catwoman #0


Can I do a really big sad?  I’m super sad that Laura Hudson is leaving Comics Alliance.  I loved her from Comics Foundry and followed her to CA.  It was really cool to see another awesome lady loving comics and running a really great blog about it!  Here’s her last post

A happy might be I hope to see more writing from her in the future!  And, did I love the Catwoman drawings on Twitter (gallery at Comics Alliance) in response to the cover art on Catwoman #0 – my favorite?   Kate Beaton’s drawing!



I finished the YALSA Best of the Best challenge!!  It was a little more of a challenge than I thought it would be.  However, I got to read a lot of great books that I might not have read otherwise, so… win.

Robin: Fistbump!


First, I’m excited that Chihayafuru, a surprisingly engrossing anime about a classical-poetry-based card game, is getting a second season.  It has done for karuta what Hikaru no Go has done for go, though I think my chances of ever actually being able to play the former are considerably smaller.

Second, I’m tickled that my first (and ongoing) voice actor crush, Steve Blum, has just ascended to the ranks of the Guinness World Records for his video game voicework.  Kampai!


I’m happy that my local comic shop (Parker, Banner, Kent, and Wayne in Cornelius, NC) had a copy of the Princeless graphic novel on the shelf when I stopped by yesterday. And yes I did buy it, even though I already had the floppies!


Mine is about Princeless, too.  The review will be ready soon, but I just finished it and it was so wonderful!



I’m happy that we had good attendance for the latest meeting of our graphic novel book group. We had a lively and interesting discussion of Darwyn Cooke’s Parker: The Hunter, everyone seemed eager to get their hands on the second and third Parker graphic novels, and I may have even talked a few folks into giving Blacksad a try!

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