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Okay, I’m sure this is pretty much a no-brainer for most of us at this site, but I liked seeing the Unshelved interview over at Newsrama.

It’s great when mainstream comics media pays attention to both webcomics and libraries. Kudos to Gene and Bill for their great work at promoting both!


The fact that within one week and despite the first episode leaking, Korranation.com got 100,000 likes and thus is going to officially release the first two episodes of Legend of Korra this Saturday.


I stumbled upon this a couple weeks ago and keep going back to look at it.  Yusuke Marata of Eyeshield 21 fame made this manga that utilizes the actual physical form a piece of paper in 3 dimensions, which is then photographed in 2 dimensions to achieve some crazy surreal effects.  This is the kind of creativity in comics that I just love seeing.  Wish I had a translation though!

Jennifer W.

After several other important collection development projects, I finally got my budget in order and ordered LOTS of comics and graphic novels for the juvenile section this month! I argued long and loud for expanding this section and moved it to new shelves in February, so now there’s lot of space for new stuff!


We have a central selector for Graphic Novels…I checked today and I have over $700 worth of GN’s on order, super excited about that!


I’m happy that I got to hear Matt Phelan and Svetlana Chmakova speak at a PLA panel on graphic novels in Philadelphia last week.  🙂  Neatness!


Just picked up my copy of Faith Erin Hicks’ Friends with Boys and enjoying it a great deal.


I’m happy to have read the Brian K. Vaughan interview. What a great guy and a great interview.  Incidentally, he gave some copies of Runaways to a youth detention facility where I ran a book club. I’ll always remember his kindness there (he even answered their questions after I mailed them to him.) Swell fella.


The story is winding to a close in Alex Woolfson’s engaging sci-fi webcomic Artifice (parts NSFW, just FYI). I’ve been happily following along since it started.  The BIG cliffhanger is essentially resolved, though there’s still a question of escaping the evil forces…Alex has also more than achieved his Kickstarter goal (although the bonuses are still to be reached with some great swag!) to print the graphic novel, which you know I’ll be ordering for my library’s adult collection.


Being the Twitter fiend that I am, what’s making me happy is that First Second has finally started tweeting (@01FirstSecond). My suspicion is that Colleen AF Venable is the primary company tweeter, so I expect their tweets will be a kick to read.

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