Jason and the Argonauts

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Story and Writing-
Jason is heir to a throne that was violently taken away from his parents by his uncle, Pelias. In his youth he was trained by Chiron, the centaur, and then went back to his home town to take throne back. As a way to send him off, the current king gives Jason an ‘impossible’ quest; to find the golden fleece. Since his quest is considered ‘impossible’, the king does allow Jason a crew to command (the Argonauts) and ships to sail with (the Argo).

This graphic novel version is, as far as I can tell, accurate and conveys the same story as its Greek original. That being said, it is easier, by far, to read. Completely in the vernacular without losing its touch. It’s great for those who would rather not read the original, or just don’t have the time or motivation to.

Art –
The art is certainly fitting for the story. Since the story is an ancient and classic myth, the earth tones used throughout fit very well. There’s also a kind of ‘blurred line’ style that makes it seem even more mythological and dream-like.

Age and Warnings Info-
As a Greek myth, there is definitely blood involved. This goes from large battles, to 1-on-1 combat, to even the decapitation of a character. In one part the Argonauts are seduced by women and fall victims to lust, but nothing graphic is shown. I would say this is a solid teen title, as the profanity is only in a few places and the violence is more artistically drawn than an accurate battle depiction.

Jason and the Argonauts
by Dan Whitehead
Art by Sankha Banerjee
ISBN: 9788190751523
Campfire Graphic Novels, 2012

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