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I’m happy this week because we’ve added two new teen reviewers to our ranks, Emily and Michael (see Emily’s note below and Michael will be chiming in next week.)  I’ve always wanted to have the teen point of view on the site, so I’m pleased as punch that we now have two.  Welcome, you two!


The Torchwood Babiez webcomic made me giggle.


I’m happy about Aardman Animation’s preview of their DC Nations shorts.  I love Wallace & Gromit and I remember adoring the Creature Comfort shorts, but didn’t make the connection for several years.  And now they’re doing those types of shorts with DC characters?  Yes!  Yes, I say!

Matt Morrison

I’m glad to be back at work and to once again have feeling in my feet after four days of walking across the length of breadth of downtown Dallas to get from the cheap parking lots to the Dallas Convention Center.  Yes, I was at ALA Midwinter and it was a glorious time.  I got to meet Bill Barnes from Unshelved, get an autographed copy of the latest book and recieved confirmation that – contrary to my co-workers arguments to the contrary – he does not, in fact, have a hidden camera watching me and I am not being used as the basis for Dewey.


I’m happy that, after seeing my Lackadaisy calendar (which in itself makes me very happy), my boyfriend is borrowing Lackadaisy vol. 1 to read.  Because I heart Lackadaisy so hard . . .

Also happy that the library where I’m now working got me added to their Ingram account, so I’ve just placed an order to start filling out the YA graphic novel collection a bit.  Yay!


This may be a bunch of sour grapes, but I’m happy that Warner Brothers has decided not to make an Elfquest movie. I like Elfquest and have no faith in a big movie studio not to mess it all up. I can only assume it would have ended up contorted to fit some established Hollywood plotline (probably some Twilight-esque nonsense that would ask us all to join Team Cutter or Team Rayek). Good riddance. Let’s forget this movie nonsense ever came up and just read the comics online (or buy a copy if they’re ever in print again or you have a good used book source).


Something in the ‘animanga sphere’ I’m excited about is that I’m developing a visual novel with a friend…I’m doing some co-writing, but mostly programming. (The game uses python and a program called Ren’Py.)


(Don’t mock me) I’m happy I finally finished all of Akira.  And now I want to start it all over again.


I don’t know if I’m exactly excited, but I was <ahem> interested to see the new statues from The Dark Knight Rises.  The Catwoman one…hmmm…I’m not sure, but I am getting excited for the movie.

Jennifer W.

I’m happy with my stack of graphic novels…I wait until the end of the year to request titles from inter-library loan, to make sure nobody else in the consortium is planning to order them and to nudge the ill stats for my colleague. So now I have, for me and/or to consider buying:
Star Wars Knight Errant vol. 1 Aflame
X-men First Class, Marvel Girl (Fialkov/Plati)
Canterbury Tales by Seymour Chwast
WordGirl: Coalition of Malice by Chris Karwowski
Batman: Team-ups of the Brave and the Bold (Straczynski)
Power Lunch: First Course by J. Torres
Charlaine Harris’ Grave Sight part 1 b yCharlaine Harris
Tricky Journeys: Tricky Coyote Tales by Chris Schweizer
Captain America: Man Out of Time by Mark Waid

With more on the way…

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