Amulet, vol. 4: The Last Council

Friday, January 20, 2012  By  Emma Weiler     1 Comment

Through a portal to another world lies the realm of the Stonekeepers. Emily, a young Stonekeeper, has been traveling through this world, first to find her mother then to discover why she was chosen to become a Stonekeeper and all that that means.

As book four opens, Emily, along with her mother, brother and traveling companions, are on their way to Cielis to talk with the Guardian Council to get advice and warn them of the Elf King’s imminent attack. But when she arrives she is separated from her friends (who get to have a few adventures of their own) and not allowed to talk with the Council until she passes tests to prove her worthiness. Nothing is as it seems and everything is grimmer that it should be. The city is almost deserted and the few remaining people are afraid. What trickery is afoot in Cielis? Emily must figure it out quickly for she is by herself and must try to make new allies and use what knowledge of Stonekeeping she has learned so far to stay alive.

Even though this is book four and there is no Summary of What’s Happened So Far, it is not that hard to follow the story if you want to start out here. It’s clear enough for the most part who is a friend and who may not be a friend. Kibuishi manages to make the action both complicated enough to keep the reader guessing about what will happen next and yet simple enough that someone could pick up this volume and not be too lost as to what is happening.

I love Kibuishi’s artwork. He inks clear dark lines with no sketchiness so the drawings are easy to read. The color adds depth and clarity. It makes it easier to immerse yourself in the world of Amulet. I love the fantastical shapes of the landscape – tall spires of rocks, tucked away coves sheltered by a lone tree, strange underwater caves – Kibuishi’s imagination knows no bounds. The world of Amulet just keeps getting better.

Amulet is a good series for ages nine and up: no blood, no sex, mild fighting, some suspense and betrayal.

Amulet, vol. 4: The Last Council
by Kazu Kibuishi
Art by Kazu Kibuishi
ISBN: 978-054520887
Graphix, 2011
Publisher Age Rating: 8 and up

1 Comment

  1.   March 10, 2013, 4:14 pm

    My daughter and I were hooked on this series from the third page. It is not nearly as dark as it initially appears, and the story line, although ficticious, has elements of reality. Highly engaging, it does examine the development of character, morals, family ties, as well as good vs. evil (shades of grey vs. black and white). Perfect for 8+ readers!

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