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I just watched The Dark Knight Rises trailer and I am so very, very excited.  As much as I love Batman, I have never liked Bane and this trailer actually has me intrigued about him (maybe the ridiculous steroided-up look kept me at bay).  I’m jazzed about the way Catwoman looks (though no costume in this trailer) and talks.  And I love the political undertones of the trailer.  More than anything, though, I feel my heart breaking for Alfred!


I just pre-ordered Bruce Timm’s new artbook, which looks to be a cool collection of some of his figure drawing throughout the years. Bruce Timm’s artwork has always been my favorite after seeing his work from Batman: The Animated Series.


I’m happy about this comic by Benito Cereno and Anthony Clark that explains the Spanish Christmas tradition of  Tió de Nadal. I had read about the Caganer, but hadn’t ever heard about his connections to a magical log until this year’s No Reservations holiday special (sadly, the bit about Tió de Nadal isn’t included in the clips you can see online, but the Norah Jones Christmas songs are pretty good). Fair warning: Those links are chock full of poop jokes, so don’t click them if that’s not your thing.

Jennifer H.

The X-men covers with googly eyes post from The Mary Sue made me almost burst out laughing. Really needed that 😉


Ahhhhhh! Courtney Crumrin is being rereleased in color! (I haven’t been this excited about a rerelease since Scholastic put the Bone series in color.) Courtney Crumrin, Volume 1: The Night Things, Special Edition comes out in April and I will be first in line at my local comics shop to get one.


I’m hoping I’ll be happy this week; I put Batman Noel on my list for Santa, so here’s hoping it’s under my tree!  :). And, speaking of Batman, I have now watched The Dark Knight Rises trailer too many times to count; I can’t wait for the movie!


I just want to point to an interview with one of my favourite “comic book guys” in Toronto, Ontario (a long way from home but I am always sure to stop at the Beguiling when I am in Toronto).

And yes, this isn’t really comics related, but a number of folks brought it up:

Matt Morrison

THE HOBBIT TRAILER IS OUT!  And it is glorious!

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