DC Super Pets novels: Superpowered Pony and Salamander Smack Down

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Fighting crime is tough – that’s why DC Superheroes like Superman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman all have their own pets to help them when the going gets tough. But, what do the Super Pets do when their superhuman friends are off on their own adventures? Well, they fight crime, of course! When the DC Superheroes are away their pets definitely don’t play; they’re fighting against the evil pets of the DC Super Villains who are up to no good!

The books in the DC Super Pets series are the perfect prose tie-ins for any kid who can’t get enough of the DC Universe. Although the writers are different for each installment, each book is wonderfully illustrated by Eisner Award winner and Tiny Titans artist, Art Baltazar! His whimsical and super colorful drawings are a perfect match to the funny and suspenseful storylines! Although these books are not graphic novels in the truest sense, they are actually closer to early readers, both comics fans and those who are new to DCU will love the stories and the illustrations that are included on almost every page. These books would fit well in both an early readers and comics section in any library!

Superpowered Pony
Comet, the Super-Horse, pet of Supergirl, thought that he’d take a leisurely trip to the Fortress of Solitude to meet up with her after spending a wonderful afternoon in Metropolis. All the other Super Pets were off on their own adventures; Comet was keeping an eye on the city of Metropolis while they were gone. Little did he know that Mechanikat, pet of Super villain Metallo, and Dogwood, pet of Batman’s enemy Poison Ivy, were conspiring to forced all the plants of Metropolis to build an army of feline robots that would take over the world under Mechanikat’s orders! However, one thing that Dogwood doesn’t know is that Mechanikat is only using him and his power over the foliage to get his army of robot felines done before the Super Pets notice! After Comet realizes what Mechanikat’s true intentions are, he tries to reason with Dogwood to stop the production of evil metal kitties – but, will Dogwood realize in time that Mechanikat is only using him or will the metal kitties of Mechanikat take over the world?

Salamander SmackdownDC-Super-Pets_Salamander-Smack-Down
The Terrific Whatzit, pet turtle of The Flash, loves to show off his speedy skills! He normally lives as his alter ego, Merton McSnurtle, but when danger rears its ugly head, he becomes the fastest turtle on Earth – the Terrific Whatzit! However, not all of the pets in Central City love Whatzit – in fact, two cyborg newts dream of being the pets of someone else – the Super Villain and the Flash’s nemesis – Professor Zoom! These two newts, X-43 and Bit-Bit so want to impress Professor Zoom that they hitch a ride out of the pet store and set out to make Professor Zoom’s evil robot come to life. Can two newts make a broken down, evil robot work again to bring grief and misery to Central City and will the Terrific Whatzit be able to stop this unbelievably powerful robot before it destroys everything?

DC Super Pets: Superpowered Pony
by Sarah Hines Stephens
Art by Art Baltazar
ISBN: 9781404864795
Capstone, 2011

DC Super Pets: Salamander Smack Down
by John Sazaklis
Art by Art Baltazar
ISBN: 9781404864788
Capstone, 2011
Publisher Age Rating: Ages 7 and up


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