Seiho Boys’ High School, vol. 1-2

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The young men who attend Seiho Boys’ High School are smart, funny, interesting…and completely frustrated by the lack of girls! With the nearest action fifty miles away, how are they supposed to survive for three whole years? And if by chance a girl does turn up on campus, can they keep from acting like complete idiots?

At first glance, Izumi’s manga series may seem an odd choice for VIZ’s Shojo Beat (girl’s) line. There’s a lot of discussion of porn, sex, the physical attributes of women, etc. Pretty much par for the course for a school made up entirely of boys. At times these discussions veer way over into stereotypes, making the young men look like buffoons driven by their “downstairs brains” and making the women seem like cheap cuts of meat. The second story of the first volume is particularly troublesome, as we watch a young man with an over inflated sense of self badger the shy school nurse about her mousy looks and her big breasts. Supposedly he sees the error of his ways and falls for her, but that resolution is not fully realized, so neither party comes out of the tale looking good.

But there are other stories which more subtly examine the interactions between the sexes…

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Seiho Boys’ High School, vol. 1-2
Kaneyoshi Izumi
Vol. 1: ISBN 978-1-4215-3731-3
Vol. 2: ISBN 978-1-4215-3732-0
VIZ Media, 2010

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