Crogan’s March: Crogan’s Adventures, book two

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Crogan’s Vengeance
, the first book in Chris Schweizer’s series, The Crogan Adventures, is about “Catfoot” Crogan’s time serving on a pirate ship. It was a critical success, earning an Eisner nomination and a place on the Great Graphic Novels for Teens list, among other honors. The second book, Crogan’s March, about Peter Crogan, a soldier in the French Foreign Legion, is a more challenging story, but it’s just as full of action and adventure as the first.

Legionnaire Peter Crogan has survived sand storms so fierce they’ll slice a man to ribbons, fought bandits and freedom fighters, and watched friends die in combat. With just one month left before his hitch with the Foreign Legion is over, Peter is given the chance to become an officer. But before he can decide if he wants to reenlist, a pompous new commander foolishly orders the company to engage in a fight that can’t be won, and Peter must choose between saving civilians or saving himself.

Crogan’s March is as sweeping and romantic as any of the Hollywood versions of Beau Geste….

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The Crogan Adventures: Crogan’s March
Chris Schweizer
ISBN: 9781934964248
Oni Press, 2009

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