Swans in Space

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I know this may come as a shock to some of you, but Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers isn’t real. I’m sorry.

But what if it was? What if the TV show was really a documentary and everything you saw on the screen had actually taken place, complete with weird aliens, space ships, and cool costumes? Even better, what if the aliens were talking teddy bears, the space ships looked like swan-shaped paddle boats, and the costumes were so cool they came equipped with button-topped go-go boots?

Sixth grade class president Corona Hoshino is Big Girl On Campus. Her winning personality and fashion sense have made her popular with her classmates and her great grades and organizational skills have made her popular with her teachers. Corona takes her position as class president seriously, so when she sees classmate Lan Tsukishima being bullied for being a fan of the kiddie show Space Patrol, Corona steps in. Corona comforts Lan by fibbing that she, too, enjoys Space Patrol and thinks the show is cool. Impressed by Corona’s seeming sincerity, Lan whisks Corona away to the actual Space Patrol space station, where she is talked in to becoming the newest Space Patrol recruit.

Lan and her instructor, a cuddly-looking teddy bear who would rather play video games than work, turn out to be complete slackers, and both are on the verge of being fired. Corona’s competitive spirit kicks in and she vows to make their team the best. Through a series of adventures, Corona begins to learn just what she’s gotten herself into by agreeing to be a Space Patrol trainee and how to juggle home, school, and outer space without falling asleep in class.

Swans in Space is for every little girl who wishes all the Power Rangers could be as smooth and beautiful as the Pink Ranger….

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Swans in Space
Creator: Lun Lun Yamamoto
ISBN: 978-1-897376-93-5
Udon Entertainment, 2009

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