Kaput & Zösky

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Kaput and Zösky are two aliens determined to rule the world. Any world. Sadly, they aren’t very good at their job. Even when the two intrepid destroyers do manage to take over a planet, something invariably goes wrong.

Thirteen stories in this collection feature Kaput, a short, round, redheaded ball of evil who wants nothing more than to blast his way to merciless power, and Zösky, who is tall, yellow-eared, and willing to at least attempt to strategize before blasting his way to merciless power. Together the two win a planet through a lucky spin of the wheel and then give it back because there was no butt-kicking involved, run from a planet where the inhabitants follow Kaput’s every suggestion, and escape from a planet ruled by vampires by belching garlic breath. Each four- to six-page story follows the rule of three by setting up quickly, using plenty of the snappy dialog readers expect from author Trondheim, and finishing with a fun punch that often doubles as a bit of social commentary….

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Kaput & Zösky
Written by Lewis Trondheim; illustrated by Eric Cartier
Translated by Edward Gauvin
ISBN: 9781596431324
First Second, 2008

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