Flower of Life, vol. 1

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This series has many of the same elements as Yoshinaga’s other works–quirky plot twists, deep emotion, offbeat humor, and beautiful artwork. But this series is not one of her boy’s love titles, so don’t expect romance from the relationship between Haru and his new pal Shota. Haru has had to enroll in school a month late because he was getting a bone transplant for his leukemia. He’s fine now and enjoying making new friends, especially Shota, a sweet, but very chubby, boy. It’s refreshing to see characters with varying body types in this manga and makes the school setting more realistic. Haru is a bit of an airhead, but he is endearing and the friendship between him and Shota is believable and warm. There are plenty of humorous side characters, including Kai, a grumpy otaku who is friends with Shota, two teachers involving in an extramarital affair, and Haru’s loving, but odd family. While the plot seems like it jumps around a good deal, readers of Yoshinaga’s former works, especially Antique Bakery, will know to hang on through the next two volumes while she weaves the many plot threads together.

Flower of Life, vol. 1
By Fumi Yoshinaga
ISBN: 9781569708743
Digital Manga, 2007

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