Rose Hip Zero, vol. 1

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You know how every hardboiled cop you’ve ever seen on television “doesn’t need no partner,” and “works alone”? Well, imagine how Officer Kyoji Kido feels when he finds out that not only does he have to take on a new partner, but that new partner happens to be a junior high student. But Kasumi Asakura isn’t your ordinary teen; she’s a former member of ALICE, a neo-terrorist group of super assassins known by the distinctive rose tattoo each member has somewhere on his or her body. Kasumi’s link to ALICE leaves Kyoji wondering just how far he can trust her. His desire to stop ALICE supersedes his worry over Kasumi, though. You see, ALICE killed Kyoji’s little sister and he’ll stop at nothing to bring the group to justice.

If you love shoot-’em-up action movies, police dramas, or even the flying-fists of Jackie Chan, Rose Hip Zero is for you. Tohru Fujisawa, creator of GTO, starts this new series off with a bang: thugs, bikers, cops, car crashes, bombs, even a bit of fan service, and that’s just in the first chapter. There is something for everyone in this book and the whole thing is fun. The characters are developed quickly and the action unfolds just as fast, as the dynamic art moves the reader from one scene to the next. There is some strong language used and the level of violence and number of panty shots make this a better choice for older teens. Definitely recommended.

Rose Hip Zero, vol. 1
By Tohru Fujisawa
ISBN: 1427800251
Tokyopop, 2006

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