Oyayubihime Infinity, vol. 1-2

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Kanoko and her beautiful sister Mayu have two things in common–the butterfly birthmark on their thumbs and the career of up-and-coming young actress, Maya–who is really Mayu, managed by Kanoko. When her school’s most popular boy, Tsubame, notices Kanoko’s birthmark, he tells her that they were lovers in a past life and are destined to be together, Kanoko flatly rejects the idea. But as more information about the past emerges and as more people with butterfly marks are found, the sisters will be pulled apart and love and loyalty will be called into question. Fujieda’s series is rather hard to place in a specific genre. CMX lists it as a comedy and there are a number of humorous moments. There’s also a good amount of drama and romance and hints of fantasy. But whatever the genre, it is an interesting and compelling read which leaves plenty of clues to make readers eager for the rest of the series. Both storyline and art are strong in these two volumes and they complement each other nicely. Characters are drawn distinctly and they slowly reveal more and more of themselves as the books move on. The plot is complex, but never too hard to follow and the romance and comedy elements play off each other nicely. It’s hard to tell this early in the series where certain elements are headed, especially in the various romances, but the ambiguity keeps things interesting. A recommended read for manga fans who like pretty boys, slightly silly romance, and dramatic plots with multiple twists.

Oyayubihime Infinity, vol. 1-2
by Toru Fujieda
Volume 1: ISBN: 1401210759
Volume 2: ISBN: 1401210767
DC Comics/CMX, 2006

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