Yakitate!! Japan, vol. 1

Friday, December 1, 2006  By  Gina Gagliano     No comments

Kazuma Azuma has a mission: he’s out to create a national bread for Japan! Almost every other country around the world has a signature bread, but the Japanese people prefer their native rice to bread. After visiting a bread shop as a child, Kazuma Azuma was converted to the cause of bread, and spent his youth creating one type of delicious bread after another for his family. Now he’s reached the moment of truth: he’s been asked to audition for an apprenticeship at Pantasia, the best bread shop in all of Japan! Will he win the apprenticeship, taking the first steps towards his ultimate goal? Yakitate!! Japan is a charming story about a kind young boy and his lofty ambitions. This is a fun, thoughtful story with an earnest, endearing hero who readers can’t help but sympathize with. And there are even fun facts about bread! Yakitate!! Japan is a refreshing change of pace from the masses of manga about magical girls: it’s a coming-of-age story that will win hearts–and inspire kids to learn to make bread.

Yakitate!! Japan, vol. 1
by Takashi Hashiguchi
ISBN: 9781421507194
Viz , 2006

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